Toddler Course

Picky Eating Playbook

The Basics

Learn the basics of food refusal and picky eating. Understand the terminology and why this happens during toddler phases.

Minimize Picky Eating

Food refusal and selective eating cannot be completely avoided. Learn some strategies and scripts to set the stage for meals/meal time.

Special Situations

Common situations encountered in picky eating and food refusal.

The 5 PDT Principles

Why our mindset is so important in feeding our children and the 5 mantras to tell yourself when you’re navigating this journey.

Picky Eating Playbook

Strategies and scripts to encourage food trials. The goal is repetition and baby steps to get them to explore new things!

Wrap Up

Make sure to also check out the printables available to you in this course including a printable version of mindset tips to share with caregivers.