The Basics - Lesson 1

Welcome to The Picky Eating Playbook

Welcome to the Picky Eating Playbook. I am Dr. Mona Amin, a Pediatrician and mom and I’ll be guiding you through picky eating, food refusal, and toddler feeding. 

I created this because I see first-hand the stress and pressure picky eating can bring to a family. We’ve also navigated periods of refusal and selectiveness where sometimes our son wouldn’t eat dinner for a week and dealing with power struggles with grandparents. I will be defining terminology, why it happens, mindset tips for you as the adult… and when to know you need extra help, and scripts and tips to navigate refusal phases and picky eating. 

I love to bridge child psychology and development to help YOU help your kids through their feeding journey. I encourage you to watch and share this course with anybody who will be caring for your child as being on the same page is really helpful when it comes to navigating a very common reality in the toddler years and for kids. Maybe you are watching this before food refusal and picky eating has begun or maybe you are in deep already. Wherever you are on your feeding journey, this course will help guide you. Now let’s get started.