7: Course Support

No-Pressure Potty Learning Course Support Need help? We’ve got you covered.

6: Resource Library

No-Pressure Potty Learning Resource Library PedsDocTalk’s Guide to No-Pressure Potty Training Using Reward Systems in Potty Training Nighttime Potty Training Constipation and Fiber Rich Foods Indoor Activities While Training Common Questions in Potty Training Course Scripts

5: Wrap Up

No-Pressure Potty Training – Wrap Up Beyond The Course previous module module 4: Common Roadblocks in potty-training Next resource library Transcript So you did it!! Your child is potty-trained. Welcome to a world of less pull-ups, easier outings, and a new phase in parenting. It really is a game-changer especially when traveling! Here are things […]

4: Common Roadblocks in Potty Training

No-Pressure Potty Training Module 4: Common Roadblocks in Potty Training Transcript In this module I’ll be going over common issues such as potty learning related meltdowns and avoiding power struggles, scripts and scenarios, poop issues… (ooohh! they’re common), school/childcare, and regressions. Make sure to check out my handout in this course “Common Potty-learning questions” for […]

3: Getting the job done

No-Pressure Potty Training Module 3: Getting The Job Done Lessons: PDT 5 Pillars of Potty Training Success When approaching your potty training journey, remember these PDT 5 Pillars of Potty Training Success. These pillars (and associated example scripts) will ensure you always are following these principles, especially when you are met with any roadblocks. Begin […]

2: Prepping For The Process

No-Pressure Potty Training Module 2: Prepping For The Process Lessons: Signs of Readiness Physical, motor, language/communication, cognitive signs of readiness and age ranges. Begin Lesson 1 Prepping Them for Success How to prep your child for the process whether they’re showing ALL the signs or some of the signs of readiness. Begin Lesson 2 Deciding […]

1: Get to the “bottom” of Potty Training

No-Pressure Potty Training Module 1: Let’s Get To The “Bottom” Of Potty-Training Lessons: Welcome to No-Pressure Potty Training What this course is all about and why potty training can be challenging. Begin Lesson 1 Parental Mindset for Potty Training 5 Things to reframe your parenting mindset when navigating this journey. Begin Lesson 2 Understanding Your […]