4: Picky Eating Playbook

Picky Eating Playbook Module 4: Picky Eating Playbook Part 1 In this module, I go over strategies and scripts to encourage food trials. Remember to build on the strategies presented in module 3. Keep in mind that the goal isn’t that they gobble up a whole meal or something new right away. The goal is […]

3: Minimize Picky Eating

Picky Eating Playbook Module 3: Minimize Picky Eating Part 1 Food refusal cannot be completely avoided. Selective eating cannot be completely avoided. Children will go through phases where their intake changes and their preferences change. Let’s go through some strategies and scripts to set the stage for meals/meal time. Remember to not forget our mantras […]

2: The 5 PDT Principles

PICKY EATING PLAYBOOK Module 2: The 5 PDT Principles Previous Module Module 1: The Basics Next Module Module 3: Minimize Picky Eating Transcript Before we move to tips and tricks, I think it’s important we remind ourselves that as the parent, our mindset and approach to difficulties our children face matters. In reality – picky […]

1: The Basics

Picky Eating Playbook Module 1: The Basics Lessons: Welcome to Picky Eating Playbook Introduction on what to expect in the course. Begin Lesson 1 Terminology and Why It Happens Learn the difference between picky eating and food refusal, ages it’s common and why it happens, while avoiding stigmatizing language. Begin Lesson 2 Next Module Module […]