7: Course Support

Toddlers & Tantrums Course Support Need help? We’ve got you covered.

6: Resource Library

Toddlers & Tantrums Resource Library Faces of Emotions Coping Skills Mindful Tips for Getting Through a Tantrum Handling Multiple Kids During a Meltdown Nap Refusal and Quiet Time Toddler Sleep Guide Nightmares and Night Terrors Transitioning to a Big Kid Bed Handling Fears and Worries Managing Public Tantrums Weaning the Pacifier Childcare Related Meltdowns ( […]

5: Wrap Up

Toddlers & Tantrums – Wrap Up Beyond The Course Previous Module module 4: Common Toddler Situations Next resource library Transcript You made it! You now should have an understanding of why your toddler is acting the way they do, how to approach boundaries, and big feelings, how to fill their cup with coping skills and […]

4: Common Situations

Toddlers & Tantrums Module 4: Common Toddler Situations Lessons: Introduction to Common Toddler Situations  Introduction to how to approach common toddler situations. Begin Lesson 1 Touching or Doing Unsafe Things Handling when a child is touching or doing something unsafe with scenarios and scripts. Begin Lesson 2 Let’s NOT Get Physical Handling when a child […]

3: Discipline, boundaries, Time Outs

Toddlers & Tantrums Module 3: Discipline, Boundaries, Consequences, and Navigating a Tantrum Lessons: Understanding Discipline A primer on what discipline is and why it’s important. Begin Lesson 1 All About Boundaries and Boundary Setting Why boundaries are needed and how to effectively set boundaries. Begin Lesson 2 Consequences Understanding related and natural consequences and when […]

2: For the Toddler Parent

Toddlers & Tantrums Module 2: For The Toddler Parent Lessons: The 8 PDT Principles for Approaching Toddler Behavior Principles to navigate toddler behavior and promote connection. Begin Lesson 1 Getting YOU Through Your Child’s Tantrum Mantras to get you through your child’s tantrums. Begin Lesson 2 Power Struggles and Strong-Willed Children How to recognize and […]

1: What is going on with my toddler

Toddlers & Tantrums Module 1: What is going on with my toddler?! Lessons: Welcome to Toddlers & Tantrums  Introduction on what to expect in this course. Begin Lesson 1 Understanding Toddler Behavior Understanding what is happening between years 1-4 in the toddler brain and why it’s important. Begin Lesson 2 Understanding What Toddler’s Need Understanding […]